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Knowledge Exchange Building event on Friday, May 18th, 2018, 9 am - 9 pm

CXO Airdrop Round 1


CryptovationX Robo-advisory Platform


Arbitrage Trading Robo-advisory

Arbi is a classy asian boy. Arbitrage is the adjustable-risk investments by simultaneously buying and selling fiat and cryptocurrencies in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset. From 2-years long of R&D by Cryptovation, the team developed 7 arbitrage strategies (for more information about the strategies, please kindly visit


Speculative Trading Robo-advisory

Specto is a bravely western boy. Speculative trading is the act of trading a financial instrument involving high risks with the expectation of significant returns, to take maximum advantage from fluctuations in the market. AVA Advisory, with 4 years of R&D and experience in Equity Trading, will be providing their expertise to develop Specto (for more information on AVA, kindly visit


Brokerage Robo-advisory

Broca is a kind latina girl. She will assist you to perform a one-time verification for multiple exchanges during registration, eliminating the hassle of having to manually verify each and every exchange. She will also review and suggest potential ICO investment opportunities, through careful reviewing and selection.

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CryptovationX Features
What is CryptovationX?


1 Launches At Thailand Investment Fest 2017, Stock Exchange Of Thailand

4 Discusses Cryptocurrencies At The 2nd Asia Finance Forum In Manila Hosted By The Asian Development Bank (ADB)

7 Competed In FinTech Challenge Organised By The Security And Exchange Commission Of Thailand


  • 2016

    Business Model Searching

    • Q1 :Blockchain Marketing Research
    • Q2 :Blockchain Remittance Business Pilot
    • Q3 :Blockchain Remittance R&D
    • Q4 :Final List in Techsauce Global Summit
    • Q1 : Cryptoasset Arbitrage R&D
    • Q2 : Arbot Development
    • Q3 : Wealth Management Service
    • Q4 : Reached 1 Million USD
  • 2018

    CryptovationX ICO

    • Q1 :CryptovationX Foundation
    • Q2 :CryptovationX ICO (CXO)
    • Q3 :CXO Robo-advisory Platform (Beta)
    • Q4 :CXO Robo-advisory Platform (1.0)
  • 2019

    Blockchain and AI Conference

    • Q1: 1st Cryptovation Blockchain x AI Conference
      Arbi, Specto and Broca (Beta)
    • Q2: Arbi (1.0)
    • Q3: Specto (1.0)
    • Q4: Broca (1.0)
  • 2020

    Wealth for All

    • Q1 :2nd Cryptovation Blockchain x AI Conference
    • Q2 :Winner Innovation
    • To Be Confirmed

Tech Partners

Business Partners

Social Partners

Management Team

Tech Team

  • Makkhawan Voraboot

    Director of Blockchain

  • Worakon Wattanakulchart

    Director of Robo-Advisor Development

  • Pongsakorn Rujanaporn

    Frontend Lead

  • Pin Piboon

    Frontend Engineer

  • Thiraphat Yotharak

    Frontend Engineer

  • Supachai Manotham

    Backend Engineer

  • Chatpichit Kakkaew

    Backend Engineer

Business Team

  • Jerald Tan

    Director of 'Wealth for All' Initiative

  • Yoottapong Sereepanitchakarn

    Business Development Executive

  • Suttikiat Suttinaraphan

    Cryptoasset Analyst

  • Tarit Tatiyarat

    Cryptoasset Analyst

  • Juthamas Kunahirunkanok

    Cryptoasset Analyst

Marketing Team

  • Supidcha Thaiphadungpanich

    Marketing Executive

  • Kitipong Sirichokchaikul

    Marketing Executive

  • Phatnicha Ieoudomsin

    Community Executive

  • Thanthaphak Konak

    Community Executive

AI Team

  • Theerawat Songyot

    Chief AI Scientist

  • Krittipong Kanchanapiboon

    AI Scientist

  • Baramee Sansaengtham

    AI Scientist

  • Raksasakul Kanthar

    AI Scientist

  • Rak Suwannarak

    AI Scientist

  • Tanapat Kamsaiin

    AI Scientist

  • Siphutphong Suwannawong

    AI Scientist

  • Nutchanon Ninyawee

    AI Scientist

Country Representatives

  • Darius Sit

    Singapore Representative

  • Andre Kwok

    Hong Kong Representative

  • Kim Jiho

    South Korean Representative

  • Ponce Ernest Samaniego

    Philippine Representative